While the company was formed in 2013, the genesis originated decades ago from the founder’s carrier water encounters. 

  • Early 80’ - From financing of massive irrigated agriculture on the Texas Gulf Coast (Farm Credit System), 

  • Late 80’s - Sourcing water for intense turfgrass farming irrigation (Quality Turfgrass/ Crenshaw & Doguet Turf - acquired by King Ranch Turf), 

  • Late 80’s to Mid-90’s - Creation and management of irrigated commercial landscapes and golf courses (Environscapes - acquired by ServiceMaster/ TruGreen), 

  • 2000 – 2011 - Smart irrigation software development and irrigation water performance contracting across the southern United States (Acequia - acquired by Banyan Water) 

  • 2008 EPA Water Efficiency Leadership Award for documentation of 68% water reduction in landscapes by intense water management and smart irrigation control

  • 2010 – Delegate representing North America in sharing water intellectual property with Australia

  • 2013 – WaterCentric formed in Carrollton, Texas

  • 2016 – Rone Engineers owner, Richard Leigh becomes a member

  • 2018 – Houston based private equity company Crosstimbers Capital Group becomes member

  • 2019 - Joint-venture Goodwell Water LLC formed and funded to invest in non-potable water assets in Texas.