Park 20 360 | Ridge Development / Transwestern | Arlington, Texas

WaterCentric was initially engaged by the project developer to close and plug 5 existing water wells and multiple testing wells on this industrial redevelopment that was designed to use potable water for 40-acres of landscape irrigation. Unbeknownst to the developer/owner, these wells were significant water assets that would provide alternative to potable water for irrigation and amenity pond level maintenance.


One twist to the project was the amenity pond, as it was considered Waters of the State (WOS) that would require special permitting for the well water to be stored for and pumped for irrigation use, which was handled by WaterCentric. Another twist was the tight property lines for the eight buildings leaving very little common area for a pump station and building. WaterCentric designed the non-potable water system with submersible pumping systems to avoid encroachment and reduce viability of the pup station buildings. The non-potable pumping system was connected to 2-miles of 100% fused HDPE transmission piping so there would be no chance of system leaks. The project also utilized WeatherTrak Pro3 Smart Irrigation for centralized, cloud-based water management, designed to reduce water consumption and provide real-time data monitoring to detect any unscheduled water use or leaks. Controls Once completed, WaterCentric Services include Water Management, Water Quality Mitigation, Landscape Nutrition Injection, GIS Mapping of water assets, Non-potable system preventative maintenance and inspections as well any needed repairs. The pumps and wells are remotely monitored and manged to maximize output and to collect all required permit compliance performed by WaterCentric.


Austin Ranch | Billingsley | The Colony, Texas

Water Planning & Engineering, Alternative water source development, Infrastructure development, pump station management, full water monitoring & landscape nutrition management

Over 1,000-acres of Class A development set in the rolling hills north of Dallas, Austin Ranch is a premier mixed use project with a truly environmentally sustainable approach to irrigation water use.  WaterCentric has developed a portfolio of alternative water sources which include harvested & capture stormwater, groundwater, & building condensate.  

Early on, Austin Ranch was plagued by poor water quality, excessive plant loss, & soil depletion.  WaterCentric agronomists have initiated an agronomic treatment plan that has eliminated over $150,000 in plant replacement costs & restored top soil health to the community.

In combination with real-time water monitoring by the WC team, Austin Ranch currently enjoys a 65% reduction in overall irrigation water use.


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